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Marti Johnson


Progressive Power Yoga



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Anchor in studio:


If you watch television or the movies these days, it seems the focus of our culture, more than ever is younger, fitter, and happier.  But how do you get all that?


How do you get the Hollywood body, stay as youthful as possible, and not drive yourself insane?

17 million Americans swear by yoga, and as for
Hollywood’s hard-bodies, they endorse Progressive Power Yoga.  What exactly is that? 


It’s the body-mind-spirit building brainchild of Mark Blanchard, who says if you’re looking for a lifetime of great results… he’s got it! 

_______ reports from Los Angeles.

Beach and fashion shots/shots of television show on screen/ workouts in gyms (mark, you could just use workout stuff here) Reporter on cam:







Shot of Mark doing yoga moves



Reporter Question: Ask Mark what he means when he says the PPY is a “quick fix”?  What does it offer?













1st sentence: pictures of PPY packaging.  All three boxes/the yoga workouts








Nat break of Mark working out a model in video

      Reporter VO:






Reporter on cam:












Mark Blanchard SOT:














Reporter VO:




Nats: PPY workout &

Nats: Mark instructing

Looking around, the signs are everywhere in our culture: “Look your best!” “Stay young!”  “Be happy!”  The pressure is on.

With the message we should all be able to achieve this all around us, Americans are losing the battle: 60 percent of us are overweight and that number is growing.  We’re looking for a lifetime of results. 

And now, one man says he’s got it.


(Mark Blanchard:
”Progressive Power Yoga is the answer.  It will shape up your body, shape up your mind, improve your health and the way you feel about life. Throw away your weights. Stop paying for that gym membership. My Progressive Power Yoga is all you need.  I’ve helped lots of famous
Hollywood faces, and tens of thousands of people like you in every walk of life, to get in shape, improve their lives, and find peace.  I know I can help.”)


What is Progressive Power Yoga?  It’s Mark’s own creatively designed series of flowing yoga movements, performed in succession for more than an hour.


(NATS Break - three yoga stretches)


Stay with Mark in the videos/


Let’s see pics of 16 year old Mark, athletic pictures, etc.




Mark at his studio, teaching a session



Steve Ilg running or riding a bike, or possibly a photo of him winning an extreme athlete title









Picture of a Hindu yogi (I’ll find this for you on the net, k?)













Reporter Q: Ask Barbara Boyce how she feels about PPY?  Why she does it?  What does it bring to her life?


((Q: How does this test work?))


Reporter VO:

















(we may end up using just Mark here)






Steve Ilg sot:



Reporter VO:



Reporter on camera:






Barbara Boyce SOT:


“I love it…

As I get older, I get better.”

Where did all this energy get its beginnings? 

Mark Blanchard was 16 years old when he wrenched his knee in a high school football game. His doctor prescribed yoga to help him recover and the rest is history: Mark had found a passion. More than 20 years later, his sessions at his Los Angeles studios are packed, and he’s even helped professional athletes sharpen their game.

(Mark names off professional athletes he’s worked with, repeats what one athlete says about dreading PPY more than his “two-a-days,” and closes by naming several more athletes including Steve Ilg.)


(Steve Ilg: :30

“It’s a tough workout. I like it because ____.”)


Obviously, yoga has changed from what you may remember.

So if you still think we’re talking about a peaceful set of stretching exercises done in slow motion by a woman wearing a leotard on a public television station, we should warn you: this is not your mama’s yoga anymore, even though Mark’s mom does it.


(Barbara Boyce:
”I love it…… outcue: As I get older, I get better.”


Shots of three separate boxes together, please?


More workouts








Reporter Q: Ask Mark

To define Power Yoga and then tell us what the difference between Power Yoga and HIS WORKOUTS is?  And what the end results are expected to be?


A shot of traditional workout with someone thumping down a weight?



Can we wipe between the openings of all three videos?


Wipe between Mark talking on three different videos






B-roll from the studio:


Reporter Q: Ask student why they like Mark’s PPY?

Reporter VO












Mark Blanchard SOT:








Reporter vo:
















Student testimonial

Inc: 01:03:50

Outc: 01:04:23


In Progressive Power Yoga’s three separate

workouts, Mark takes the ancient art of deep

breathing, strengthening and stretching,

and proceeds to boost his students’ workouts as easily as you might step on the gas pedal in a high performance car.

(Mark Blanchard: 

“Power yoga is _______.   My Progressive Power Yoga takes that and adds to it, moving from one exercise to the next, with very little slowdown between.  These workouts are designed to.”)


And since fitness experts now know that doing the same workout over and over allows the human body to adjust, lessening its effectiveness, Mark Blanchard’s Progressive Power Yoga is a set of three different, varying workouts, 90 minutes each on DVD or videotape.  The dynamic Yogi himself gently explains on each DVD, that students aren’t expected to be able to complete the entire workout every time, or at all when just beginning, but to work and progress thru it.

His students say his encouragement makes those videos work.

(Student testimonial:

“mark is just so unique…

 outc: a lot in the Los Angeles area. “ I’ve done Yoga with, and I’ve worked with a lot of teachers in the la area.”






Reporter Q: Ask student why they like Mark’s PPY?



Pics from PPY dvd












Reporter Q: ask Mark how Yoga helps people deal with stress and their lives?











Pics of dr. examining patient? Listening to heart rate? (find small room at yoga studio/Mark: need to get this one at doc’s shoot)

Student timecode:


OutC: 01:11:35

Reporter VO:












Mark Blanchard SOT:













Reporter VO:


(Student inc: Inc: I, I, I guess what I like his approach… 

Outc: pushing you.”)



Sounds great, doesn’t it?  With yoga, the body’s own weight is used for resistance training.  Muscles are stretched as they are strengthened, becoming longer, leaner, shaping the physique into a highly desirable “V-shape.”

Think that’s everything you wish for? Think again.


(Mark Blanchard: “A lot of my students are very surprised when they suddenly start handling life better.  If you can hold yourself on one hand for three minutes at a time and your heart isn’t racing, then everything from rush-hour traffic, to job situations, to your relationship with your significant other seems to become easier.”)


And medical science is seeing benefits to yoga as well, with a variety of problems. Dr. _______ is a noted top sports doctor.


Reporter Q: Ask the doctor why and how PPY helps his patients?





Shots of identifiable person in wheelchair(Mark, remember the Maxim pharm/wheelchair patient shots?)  doctor with patient:












Female Yoga student pictures at studio/interview with her baby


Reporter Q: Ask mommy if/how yoga impacted her delivery? What her doctor said?






PPY dvd pictures

Dr. ________ SOT:







Reporter VO:















Reporter VO:





New Mother SOT:

TIMECODE: 01:12:21--:48




Reporter VO:




(Dr. _______: :35

“My patients come to me in pain.  I operate on them, and then the tough part comes: getting back out there.  Mark’s PPY helps because….”)


70 million Americans suffer with arthritis.  Doctors say it’s crucial they stay active, but how?
Arthritis specialist, Dr. David Silver writes “through applied practice of Mark’s techniques, strength, flexibility, and support of the surrounding muscle groups is increased, thus helping reduce pain and stiffness in the afflicted joints.”


And for women, there are obvious benefits, particularly in childbirth.


(New Mother, preferably with baby in arms:.)


INC: ”Being flexible for labor... 
OUTC: …do the video’s at home.”






And Mark says there are ahhhh, “couples benefits” as well.





Reporter Q: Ask Mark about the more personal, intimate benefits of PPY?






Reporter standup:













Reporter Q: ask Mark who his famous past clients are, and what  they say about him?



Mark Blanchard SOT:









Reporter on cam:














Mark Blanchard SOT:


(Mark Blanchard:
”This is the real fountain of youth.  It helps keep your body in good working order for longer.  And those resulting feelings, along with ______, really add to the joy in intimacy a couple experiences.” 


What?  A workout that improves your sex life, lowers your stress level,

and adds strength, fitness, and years to your life while ridding you of gym memberships, heavy metal weights, and the need for fad diets?

It’s enough to please even those most results demanding high profile clients.


(Mark Blanchard: 
”I’ve worked with everyone from J-Lo, to Jennifer Aniston, to Rachel Griffith and Lisa Rinna, to Andy Garcia, athletes like Steve Ilg and Steve Smith.  The guys tell me I’m the trainer they love to hate because the workout is so tough.  The women tell me they’re just there for the fast results.”)



Broll of competitors products (if you like, I’ll try to bring my Winsor Pilates DVD and another Pilates DVD, too.)


Broll from PPY and focus on Mark, please?






Reporter Q: ask students how Mark makes his videos different?





Closing shots of progressive power Yoga:





Reporter VO:












Student testimonial

TC: 01:44:38 

Outc: 01:44:53


Inc: 01:09:48 -01:10:08







But with dozens of other workout dvd’s out there, including competitors in the yoga arena, why choose Mark Blanchard’s Progressive Power Yoga?  His students say it’s Mark himself: his personality, his encouragement and his enthusiasm that makes the difference.


Inc: “these dvd’s are the best… …a great energy that he brings to the practice.”


Inc:“I’m definitely more flexible…

OUTC: I don’t have any of that anymore.”


And if Progressive Power Yoga can make that difference for them, Mark Blanchard thinks he can make a difference for you, too. 

Los Angeles, California, I’m _____ reporting.

In studio:












     Anchors on camera:






     Anchors on camera:











     Anchors on camera:








     Anchors on camera:






     Anchors on camera:

Did you see that extreme athlete?  I always wondered how they stay in such great shape with such a demanding sport. 

And ______, you know that most cross-training experts will tell you that yoga is the best core workout: it builds strength, flexibility, and trims fat from muscles so they work more efficiently and become calorie burning machines. 


If you’d like more information about Progressive Power Yoga, you can check out the website at


That’s it for this edition of Business World News/ Health World News.  Thanks for joining us.

I’m __________. 


And I’m ________.  See you next time on Business World News/ Health World News.