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As the mercury rises, the temptation to take a nice refreshing swim in the pool, ocean or lake becomes undeniable.

So whatís stopping you?  Whether youíre young or old, swimming is one of the best things you can do for your body. Now thereís a brand new swimming device on the market thatís sure to make a splash this summer. Itís called the ProSwimmer Stationary Swimmer, and itís great for teaching kids to swim safely and easily. Itís also designed for fitness fanatics, senior citizens, and even for competitive swimmers.




Whether you use the ProSwimmer for fitness, therapy or teaching someone to swim, this ingenious invention can make a difference for you and your family.


At a pool


If youíll be taking your children for their first dip this summer, there are some facts you should be aware of:

Graphics supered over children swimming

FS Graphic

Over 4,400 people drown in the U.S., and over a quarter of a million people drown worldwide every year.  According to the National Safety Council, drowning is the number one cause of death for children younger than 15.  More than one thousand children drown each year in the U.S., and in many instances, it is preventable.

Child with parent learning to swim


The best defense against these alarming statistics is to teach your children how to swim.

Various beauty shots of Product


This new device called the ProSwimmer will not only make it easy to teach kids how to swim, it will also make it fun for them to learn. The inventor of the ProSwimmer says this is the best device on the market, and that if youíve got a pool, you gotta have it!

Leo on Cam. sitting by pool


Leo / inventor of Pro Swimmer

(prompt question:

How is the Pro Swimmer useful in teaching little children how to swim?)

(to the effect of:

I designed the ProSwimmer with safety in mind.  I am a father and understand the importance of keeping children safe around a pool. We taught our son Rafael to swim using the ProSwimmer in our home pool.  He was able to learn quickly while we kept him at our side at all times, without the risk of him swimming away to the deep end of the pool.

Adult or chile using product in small pool


practicing different strokes


The beauty of the ProSwimmer is that it offers much more than just a safe way to learn to swim.


I designed the ProSwimmer so it would allow anyone to swim in any size or shape of pool, and for all swimming strokes and levels of skill.

Wide shot of small pool Ė person using product


cut to:

Mark using product


The ProSwimmer turns even the tiniest backyard pool into an Olympic-sized lap pool, for a great aerobic workout. Just ask Mark Spitz, 9-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer, perhaps the most famous swimmer of all time

Mark on Cam


Mark Spitz

(prompt ques.:

Will this device work if you are a serious competitive swimmer?Ē)

(to the effect of:

Iíve found the ProSwimmer to be a valuable part of my training regimen. For me, itís like a fun and simple swimming treadmill, so I can swim at my own pace for as long as I want, in my home pool.

Visual Demonstration of the pieces that comprise the product.


-CU of hands bending belt

-CU of straps then pan along length showing where they attach to spreader

-CU showing how cord attaches to some kind of fixture in a pool.


The Pro Swimmer is made up of 3 pieces.  A soft, malleable floatation belt provides safety and the buoyancy needed to comfortably swim in place especially in a small pool.  2 straps attach to a floating spreader which prevents them from getting tangled at the feet. And a sturdy nylon cord attaches to any fixture in your pool, at a dock or on a boat.

Costing less than sixty dollars, this may just be the best investment you can make in your pool.

Mark on cam by pool



(prompt ques.:  what makes the Pro Swimmer a desirable product for backyard pool owners?)

(to the effect of:

Pool owners make significant investments in their pools, and often donít take advantage of them because home pools are just too small to swim laps in (in?) comfortably.  The ProSwimmer costs less than many people pay for one monthís pool service, yet it allows them to really make use of their poolÖ itís an investment in a familyís health and fitness.


Shot of people eating; Overweight people


Cam pans body of person swimming


No matter how much people try to stick to the latest diet du jour, Americans are more obese than ever.  Exercises, like swimming, that work the heart and muscles will always be guaranteed to help fight the battle of the bulge.









Mark using product in a small pool




prompt question:

What exercise do you consider to be the best for aerobic conditioning and weight loss?


Why do you use the ProSwimmer?

(to the effect of:

Swimming is recognized as the best exercise you can do for aerobic conditioning, and I have no doubt that it has to be just about the best exercise for anyone who wants to get fit or lose weight.   I use the ProSwimmer as a way to stay in shape when an Olympic size pool isnít available.



at a pool

with people using product in BG

Health and fitness professionals agree that swimming is the best all-around exercise for anyone, at any age, because it uses just about all the muscles of the body.  Plus, for the 97 million overweight Americans, swimming is ideal since it causes no impact on your joints.  Thatís why physical therapists prescribe swimming to their patients for rehabilitation from many illnesses and injuries.

On cam in front of pool w/ seniors using product


in Therapy gym


Physical Therapist

to the effect of:

Exercise, and swimming in particular, are proven to help reduce the risks of age-related diseases like diabetes, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, and heart disease, to name just a few. The unmatched health benefits of swimming are important for anyone from age 1 to 100, but particularly for seniors. 

On cam, then dissolve to B-roll of her using product

Senior Lady:

to the effect of:

I have diabetes and arthritis, so my doctor recommended that I swim for exercise.  Using the ProSwimmer is funÖand I can swim in the privacy of my own home and at my own pace.

Seniors generic b-roll

exercising/close up of weights or machine pan being used / muscles flexing


dissolve to:

Elderly person using product


As we age, itís more important than ever to stay physically active.  The more you maintain your muscle tone, the more resilient you are to serious injuries. 

Since using the ProSwimmer is so gentle on the body while providing tremendous cardiovascular benefits, itís the perfect activity for most seniors.



Mark Spitz

(to the effect of:

Whether youíre trying to get in shape, keep in top form as a competitive swimmer, regain your youthful health and vigor, or teach someone else to swim, I truly believe the ProSwimmer can provide the help you need to meet your health and fitness goals. It works just as well for the elderly as it does for children or even toddlers.

At poolside, with product in hand

REPORTER Standup with product:

Since itís lightweight and portable, you can take the ProSwimmer with you anywhere. As the temperature rises this summer, families can look forward to cooling off with the seasonís hottest new productÖthe ProSwimmer 3-in-1 Stationary Swimmer, perfect for fitness, therapy and teaching swimming. If youíve got a pool, youíve got to try this. Reporting for Business World News, Iím REPORTERíS NAME.  



Now we donít have any excuse not to be in shape this summer.  To learn more about the ProSwimmer, visit their website at