Each half-hour episode presents current demands or issues and then Spotlights up to five non-competing organizations worldwide which offer the best solutions - from global conglomerates to tiny startups, non-profits, and "mom & pops." HWN takes viewers on location and behind closed doors to show what key execs are doing to remain successful, innovative and competitive during these uncertain times. Renowned experts and opinion leaders share their vision and candid opinions regarding the companies they feel are best poised to solve the challenges and demands their industries will face in the near future.

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T O P   S T O R I E S




A recent national survey on menopause reveals that two thirds of American women do not visit their doctors to discuss menopause symptoms. For the millions of American women who enter menopause annually, a simple self-diagnostic urine test device can now allow them to accurately check for the onset of menopause in the privacy of their own home. MenocheckTM, the first over-the-counter, at-home menopause indicator test, is now available nationwide at Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Longs Drugs, and many other grocery and drug stores.

Website: www.menocheck.com.

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TechniTab Technologies DemiDose


DemiDose is a cost-effective way for individuals, particularly senior citizens, to better afford all of the necessities of life. By cutting prescription medications in half, users can save on their prescription drugs; sometimes as much as fifty percent. This can amount to hundreds of dollars saved per year on monthly medications.

Website: www.split12.com

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Email and chat are quickly becoming the primary means of communications between children today. Until now, parents did not have the means to know with whom their children were having on-line conversations with or, what they are talking about. It is clear now that this lack of information has proven to be very dangerous to our children. choozmail is the only and definitive solution giving parents the opportunity of full control over their children's email and chat use.

Website: www.nitartech.com

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Technology Makes Powered Gates Safer

Powered gates not only help keep us secure, they’ve become a lot safer to use. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than two thousand people each year are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries due to gates that reversed only after they hit an automobile or person. Now, a company in Florida called Invisa has developed a technology that builds an invisible, non-contact safety and security field precisely where it is needed. The sensor, called InvisaShield, moves with the gate and detects a person or car before actually making contact.

Website: http://www.invisa.com

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Updating America's Water Grid

The Blackout of 2003 and the failure of our “3rd world country” power grid may have shed some light on another challenge facing this country. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our nation's water grid and waste water infrastructure is deteriorating due to gross under investment over the past few decades. One of the few companies with proven technology designed to address both the economic and environmental aspects of rebuilding the water grid is called HydroFlo.

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Medical Billing Made Easier

Some 20 percent of all paper-based medical insurance claims that get submitted to insurers are declined due to human error. Not only does re-filing the paperwork cost time and money, it also causes frustration. Practice Xpert, based in Los Angeles, has the perfect cure for doctor’s offices. Health World News examines the latest technologies in medical billing.

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Repetitive Stress Injury:What You Should Know

The average person who works at a computer clicks a mouse 3,000 to 5,000 times a day. This repetitive action causes fatigue from loss of blood flow to the muscles. It only takes a few years of this kind of strain to cause "Repetitive Strain Injury" or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). HWN spotlights the latest tools to prevent and possibly even heal this painful affliction.

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Patricia Homma wins Best Teen Chef in America

You've seen aspiring singing idols, survivors in the wilderness and gold-medal athletes. Now meet the "Best Teen Chef in America," Patricia Homma, who sautéed, roasted and whisked her way to the top award in a national high school Culinary Arts scholarship competition at The Art Institute of New York City.

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New Medical Technology Advances Healing Techniques

NeuroCranial Restructuring is a new treatment for painful conditions like sinusitis, migraines, low back pain, and other medical conditions. Their claim: manipulation of the skull allows a person's body to return gradually to its original and optimal design, promoting natural well-being.

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We have smoke on board! We can't see anything!

At least once every day, a pilot somewhere must make an unscheduled landing because of smoke in the cockpit. Smoke from a fire, short-circuit, or smoldering mechanical failure can cause pilots to lose control of their aircraft, turning a manageable emergency into a deadly crash. The solution for this problem exists and regulators are now considering requiring it on airlines.

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For years, accomplished athletes have relied on post-workout muscle recovery to help their bodies bounce back effectively from intense activity and help prepare them for their next workout. Considered the “next edge” in diet and exercise, a regimen that includes proper muscle recovery has been gaining support from not only professional athletes, but active people at all fitness levels interested in reducing next-day muscle soreness and having a better workout. HWN spotlights the JogMate Muscle Recovery System and World champion triathletes, Lori Bowden and Peter Reid.

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Ageless Skin Care

New botanical skin care products using chitosan offer hope for obtaining smoother, healthier, younger looking skin. Chitosan naturally removes the tiny pockets of fat and fluids from around the mouth, chin, neck and eyes. These natural botanicals purge impurities from skin and aid in the restoration and rejuvenation of skin cells and muscle tissue.

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Stem cell therapy - best treatment for cancer?

Spotlight on Nexell Therapeutics's success with treatments for cancer and other human disease through patented therapies using adult human stem cells as opposed to the highly controversial use of embryonic cells.

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Buying Insurance via the Internet - Is it safe and will it save money?

The life insurance industry has gone high tech---and to consumer advantage. The very idea of paying for life insurance, or any type of insurance for that matter, is unappealing to most of us, but Bardes Consulting says that they can provide AAA rated insurance at a fraction of the cost of traditional insurance companies. How?
Doug Eberhart investigates.



Operating your PC by eye 

10,000 crippling accidents occur in America annually, where victims become permanently disabled, to the point of complete paralysis. A young start up company called EyeTech Digital Systems is a high-tech computer hardware and software developer which integrates eye-tracking technology into practical and affordable solutions. Scientists believe that this latest technology will be instrumental in allowing these challenged individuals a ray of hope in contributing positively to their lives and society at large. The Automotive industry is reviewing this technology seriously for applications we've only previously dreamed of. 
Lisa Achtenhagen has the story. (Episode #86



Spotlight on one of the world's largest non-profit organizations. Founded in 1950, World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization, serving the world's poorest children and families in the nearly 100 countries.



Nicotine - The New Wonder Drug for Treating Heart Disease?

How Endovasc  intends to win the battle against heart disease and cancer using liposomes. (Episode #82)



Firearm safety - fast solutions needed for a growing crisis

With gun related tragedies occurring more frequently in the U.S., the risks to our families and children are becoming unacceptable. Liberty Safe offers some practical solutions. (Episode #78)



LASIK - how safe is it really?

Will it make contacts and prescription eyeglasses obsolete? HWN goes behind the scenes of Lasik Vision , one of the largest and fastest-growing laser vision correction companies in this exploding industry.



The psychology behind early childhood education

The need to provide the best possible learning environments is something all responsible parents seek. The Jewish Centers of Los Angeles explains the goals and elements required for a successful Early Childhood Experience.



Finding a first-rate dentist in your neighborhood


HWN Spotlights Smileworks.com, the leading online source for pre-screened dentists matched to each patient's specific needs.



Stopping high speed pursuits and car theft in their tracks

Each year there are thousands of vehicle pursuits across the nation. The FBI estimates between 1.5 to 2 million vehicles are stolen annually. Created by two LAPD officers, STOVACT puts the brakes on high speed pursuits and car theft.



Pork, the other white meat - How safe is it?

HWN goes behind the scenes of Farmer John, a leading provider.



Hollywood parties are more than stars, music and frolic. The Race to Erase MS party complete with a 1960's theme, raised $2.5 million dollars for the Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis.



Treating sun-damaged skin
sufferers of Rosacea

HWN explores the latest advances and Spotlights a revolutionary treatment known as Fotofacial.



Why Johnny can't sleep

Is sleeping alongside baby dangerous? Arm's Reach provides some helpful answers.



Finding expert medical witnesses

Medical experts, testifying as expert witnesses, provide scientific findings of fact. When you are faced with litigation, whether you are a defendant or a plaintiff, having the best possible forensic evidence often determines whether you win or lose. How Benchmark became the leader.